Sunday, April 26, 2009

Questions Answered

Yes, my son needed meds for many many years, IMHO. However, it took until late 2007 to get the bipolar & ADD/ADHD diagnosis. With that, the doctors suggested only addressing one medical issue at a time thru meds. We felt the bipolar was the more pressing, so medicated that first, starting in 2008. Gave it a good long time, watched for side affects and negative reactions thru bloodwork. It was all a go. Went to annual physical a few weeks ago, and all discussed adding ADD/ADHD meds on board. We all went for it. Sadly, in our state of WA, a child is in charge of their mental health plan as of age 14. It's appalling and I have no idea who to beat over the head for that rule! But it is what it is. We literally cannot force him to take a single pill. It has to be his choice, and his doing, with his doctor (he's 14). Another thing that did not help is that my spouse thought and believed for over a decade that my son's problems were just a sign of my failure as a parent. Our marriage is still recovering from that. It's a long road. Dealing with a child like this, and a spouse like that. But, we are moving forward.

I do not know an exhaustive list of Tourette's symptoms. My sons are facial/motor ticks and screaming outbursts. He has sworn maybe once ever. He just freaks out and screams uncontrollably, verbally. Too much for a teacher or parent to deal with, unmedicated.


MMrussianadoption said...

what med do you use for bi-polar? we are looking at that now.

Kids Special Needs said...

well there's lots of good Rx's out there for bipolar. He's tried multiple ones and always comes up with an excuse to go off of it. The mood stabilizer, he's been on over two years. He just informed us & his psychiatrist today that he's quitting that one as well. He says he doesn't think it helps.

Wow, living in the state of WA sucks! In our state, at the age of 13, children are in charge of their own medical care. Yup, that's right, a mentally ill teenager is in charge of their own mental health. It's just sick. We've talked to DSHS, counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, his coaches,.........we have no options. DSHS has told us we have to support him until he's 18 (we have no problem with that). So we've asked a couple friends if he could live with them, but no one wants him. We're stuck with this bullshit until his 18th bday. I took him to court this summer, petitioning the court to put an ARY on him (at-risk youth). It would be a contract between him and the court. Any violations and it's an automatic trip to juvie hall (kiddie prison). Sadly due to budget cuts and staff decreasing, you pretty much have to be a mass murderer to get an ARY at this point. We've called 911 on him countless times, and we hear the same thing. If he were 18, he'd automatically go to prison. Since he's not, we're stuck with him.
We just have to grin and bear it two+ more years.
I wish there were better news.